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System Updates

New updates & features on the Cloud Commerce Pro System...

Improved Allocation Screen and Bulk Unallocations

By Admin | March 23, 2018

Today at Cloud Commerce Pro we have released a new order allocation screen that is clearer and has colour coding to show where stock is available (or not). You can still select no orders in your queue and choose the allocation option from the actions menu and CCP will work out which orders can be…

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Re-open Previously Closed Orders – new feature

By Admin | March 21, 2018

From time to time our customers ask us to re-open an order they have accidentally marked as completed.  In the latest update to Cloud Commerce Pro you can now do this yourself. This button shouldn’t be required during normal operation but we have added a new feature for those times when your staff mark an…

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Email Stock Alerts Now available.

By Admin | March 15, 2018

By popular demand we have today introduced configurable email stock alerts.  In your product screen, scroll down to the product alerts section and set the desired level.  Each time your stock descends through that level whether, from a sale or even a manual stock adjustment by your team, you will receive an email or emails…

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One Click Dispatch and One Click Batch improved features

By Admin | February 8, 2018

In the latter part of 2017 we released our now extremely popular One Click Dispatch feature that allows you to carry out many dispatch processes in a simple interface.  One of the key features of One Click Dispatch was that all orders processed together would be kept together in a batch (called a One ClickBatch) to allow…

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Sell in Japan with Cloud Commerce Pro

By Admin | January 23, 2018

Cloud Commerce Pro is pleased to announce we have now added support for all customers to list and sell on Amazon Japan. Amazon Japan opens up a huge market of high net worth buyers and with Cloud Commerce Pro’s automated shipping rules and wide range of international couriers you can start selling right away in…

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Purchase Ordering New Features and enhanced logging

By Admin | December 8, 2017

Today at Cloud Commerce Pro we have further advanced the purchase order feature. *** Please note: Auto Purchase Order is a facility to assist you creating purchase orders. It does not absolve you of the responsibility to check your orders before placing them with your supplier. Although we will always endeavor to create valid orders,…

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Updated Feature, Amazon Pending Orders now register more quickly

By Admin | December 5, 2017

Cloud Commerce Pro customers from today will start to see more “Issue” orders as we are now processing Amazon orders at an earlier stage to allow for more quicker stock allocations. With immediate effect, we are bringing in Amazon orders that are in a pending state so that stock is reserved as quickly as possible…

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Address Auto Format and Pack Station Speed Improvements

By Admin | November 24, 2017

This week at Cloud Commerce Pro we have been working on some under the hood changes that benefit all customers. Thanks to a suggestion from one of our customers we have included an update to address storage on orders that auto formats the address line 1 and 2 to better fit within the courier rules…

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Message Centre Auto Reply Scheduling Feature Improved

By Admin | October 31, 2017

Cloud Commerce Pro is pleased to announce a further update to Message Centre and it’s auto-reply feature.  With immediate effect, we have added a big upgrade to scheduling for your auto responses to your customers.  You can now have much more control about when your rules with auto-reply on your behalf. When adding auto-reply rules now,…

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Supplier Ordering new feature for partially delivered Purchase Orders

By Admin | October 30, 2017

Supplier ordering in Cloud Commerce Pro has a new feature today.  Previously when you booked in a purchase order you could choose to either partially book in and leave the order open for completion when the rest of the stock arrived from your supplier or complete the order and close it even if items remained…

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Supplier Quick Add Purchase Order – Improved Feature

By Admin | October 25, 2017

Today we are pleased to announce an improved supplier purchase order feature, rolling out to your system during the next couple of days for customers who use manual purchase orders.  Please remember that Cloud Commerce Pro also has a market leading “Auto Purchase Order” feature that is available for all customers.  Please ask CCP support for…

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Message Centre Filter Unwanted Messages Rules New Feature

By Admin | October 19, 2017

Another day, another Message Centre update.  Today at Cloud Commerce Pro we have released a new feature in Message Centre that allows you to create message ignore rules to move single emails to your ignore folder or to quickly create rules to exclude other patterns of emails that you don’t want to see in Message…

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